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Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Net Worth 2024 – Insights into Jared Fogle’s Wife


Kathleen McLaughlin is also known as Katie McLaughlin. She was the former woman of Jared Fogle, who was a controversial Subway prophet. Jared Fogle, the former Subway prophet, and his woman were married in 2010.

still, their marriage ended after Jared Fogle admitted to charges of child pornography as well as sexual misconduct with minors. McLaughlin says that she did n’t know about her hubby’s felonious conditioning before the FBI arrived at their house and revealed the shocking verity.

Who is Kathleen Marie McLaughlin?

Kathleen McLaughlin was once part of an ordinary family. Jared Fogle was a conflicted husband and involved in a disturbing media scandal. Kathleen played an important role in Fogel’s career, although she was unaware of it.

Fogle was infamous for being the face of Subway. Kathleen, a school teacher in Indiana, undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis after meeting Jared Fogel.

Fate brought them together through the large Fogle family. The couple shared in their family’s dream of a bright future.

Brady and Quinn brought them joy and purpose. At first, his family looked beautiful. This façade crumbles when Jared’s dark history is revealed.

Early Life & Age of Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin

Kathleen McLaughlin lived a separate life before she married Jared Fogle. The media has concentrated on her relationship with Jared Fogle and the following legal proceedings.

Kathleen McLaughlin is 44 years old in 2023. She was born on April 29, 1979. There’s no information available about her race or nation.

Kathleen McLaughlin Net Worth

Kathleen McLaughlin will have a net worth of roughly$ 4 million by 2024. This wealth was acquired through her tutoring career and the divorce agreement with Jared Fogle. Despite this, there needs to be further information available about her signatures or payment.

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Family

Kathleen McLaughlin (also known as Katie McLaughlin) rose to fame as Jared Fogle’s ex-wife. They married in 2010, but in 2015, Jared Fogel was embarrased by child pornography allegations.

He also admitted to engaging in sexual abuse of minors. Unfortunately, there are no details available about Kathleen McLaughlin’s parents or her siblings. Public records do not reveal any information about his immediate family or background.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Biography:

Katie McLaughlin was born in Dana Point, California, on July 7, 1997. Katie McLaughlin is an American competitive swoon. She specializes in freestyle and butterfly events.

McLaughlin represented the United States at transnational competitions similar as the FINA World Crowns and Pan Pacific Swimming Crowns.

McLaughlin took home a citation at the Pan Pacific Swimming Crowns in 2014 for the 200m Butterfly. She represented the United States in the 2015 World Aquatics Crowns, winning gold in the 4x200m freestyle relay and a tableware in the mixed medley 4x100m relay. She placed 6th in the 200m Butterfly and set a National Age Group Record for 17- 18 time pasts.

Kathleen McLaughlin Ex-husband

Jared Fogle is Kathleen McLaughlin’s sexist husband. He was a former American subway prophet who rose to fame in subway commercials between 2000 and 2015. Fogel’s conviction had a profound effect on his life.

Fogel is currently serving a prison sentence and is out of the public eye. His cruel actions affected his career and his personal life. The subway ended his association, and his public image was tarnished. Photographs and media reports have highlighted Fogle’s dark side and the consequences of his crimes.

Kathleen McLaughlin Kids

Jared Fogle, a former married couple, and Kathleen McLaughlin have two children.

Brady is their son, and Quinn is their son. Kathleen McLaughlin currently has sole custody of her children.


Kathleen Marie McLaughlin weaves her complicated life story into the humiliating downfall of Herricks husband, Jared Fogel. Kathleen showed strength in the chaos that followed, protecting her children and prioritizing their well-being.

Kathleen’s legal battle with Subway, Fogle’s former employer, demonstrated her determination to seek justice. His story is an important reminder that in fact, strength can be established even in the most critical situations. Kathleen McLaughlin’s journey is now behind her. We wish him reformation and a bright hereafter.

Frequency Ask Question & Answers

Q1: How much did Jared Fogle get paid from Subway?

Ans: He was condemned for child-quotes tourism and was also set to enjoy child pornography. At his peak, Jared Fogle had a net worth of $15 million, according to Sportskids. During his 16 stints at Subway, he was once paid $2 million.

Q2: Does Jared Fogle have any children?

Ans: Fogel had a double marriage. He was married to Elizabeth Christie from 2001 to 2007. Later, he married Katie McLaughlin in 2010. They had two children together, a son Quinn and a son Brady.

Q3: How long did Jared Fogle eat Subway?

Ans: The Subway Diet is a weight loss plan created by Jared Fogle, an obese council disciple who weighs 425 pounds (192.7 kg). Fogle, 22, lost 245 pounds (111.1 kg) over 11 months following a daily diet that consisted primarily of two low-fat sandwiches purchased at the Subway Presto food chain.



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